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St. Cyril’s College was founded in 1981 as a junior College affiliated to Kerala University and science batches were started in 1984. The department of Physics started functioning in 1993 for subsidiary Physics of under graduate course in Chemistry. Empowered with knowledge and inspired with a tradition of accomplishment, the department of Physics excels at levels despite being under the aegis of an affiliated college. This has become a favorite department for students seeking well – rounded people who can solve problems, lead teams and apply their knowledge creatively across functional boundaries. By combining focused expertise, far – reaching vision and a strong commitment to humanity, the department is creating scholars capable for transforming the world. With the introduction of Post Graduate course – M.Sc Physics with Electronics in 2001 the department was elevated to the status of a centre of Post Graduate studies.


Prof. Rejeena V. Rajan  M.Sc., B.Ed.

Assistant Professor
Ph: 04734-220740, 9446266074

Dr. Anoop Chandran

Assistant Professor
Ph: 9447802968

Dr. S. Alen

Assistant Professor
Ph: 9496762641, 9495941967

Prof. Monishalal M

Assistant Professor
Ph: 9497272160

Physics Association - Brain Net

“You are the salt of the earth. But remember that salt is useful when in association, but useless in isolation.”

Physics Association was actuated in the year 2001 by the inception of M.Sc Physics and aims to advance physics for the benefit of all. We began with a small number of eight now emerged to a twenty six member body.

We adopted the name “Brain Net” after we conducted a seminar, in 2012, on ‘God Particle’ in which Prof. P J Kurien, Deputy Speaker, Rajya Sabha, was the Chief Guest. In conjunction with that we conducted an awareness programme to nearby school students about latest development in the world of Physics. Prof. Premlet, Associate Professor, TKM College of Engineering, indoctrinated the gathering.

"Meet the Expert"

This programme is conducted twice and year. Subject experts from outside the college are invited to give lectures to students.

"Of the love of Physics"

"Of the love of Physics" is intended to give students a chance to interact with foreign scientists. During its Launch " Dr. Walter Lewin (ex. Professor of Massachusetts Institute of Technology) gave an inspiring message to the students. The program also helps students to display and improve their presentation and technical skills.

Programmes Offered

M.Sc. Physics with electronics as optional paper