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Career and Counseling Cell

A team of teachers provide counseling service to the needy students. The college is in collaboration with “Thanal Counseling Centre”, Piravom, by providing counselors and conducting counseling sessions.


Dr Seraphi John
Prof. Shiny Kochummen
Prof. Siji Rachel George
Prof. Reshma Susan George


Anti Ragging Cell

An Anti Ragging Cell consisting of convener and members of teaching staff perform duties in respect of maintaining the discipline in the institution. The cell monitors discipline among students community in classroom and campus. Preventive steps such as issue of notices, warnings, instructions etc are circulated among students. The convener along with the members of teaching staff, students and alumni take suitable measures to implement and coordinate anti ragging activities.


Prof. Anitha Thomas, Principal
Sri A.K. Thomas  (Governing Board Secretary)
Prof. Jose V Koshy(Bursar)
Dr. O.C. Promod
All HoDs



The students are being scaffolded by various scholarships entrusted by governmental and non governmental bodies. The college provides a platform to acquire the scholarships by informing  and helping them to apply for each and every available scholarships.

Scholarship Nodal Officer: Prof. Reshma Susan George


College Union

The college union is the student government of the college. Students elect a college union consisting of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, two University Union Councillors, General Secretary, Arts Club Secretary, Magazine Editor, Lady Representatives, Class Representatives and Secretaries to the various departmental associations. The co-curricular activities are organized and conducted under the formal auspices of the college union. The college will stick on to the existing government and university orders for conducting election and activities. Prof. Smitha Kochummen is in charge of union activities.


Tutorial System

In the tutorial system every student is under the personal care and guidance of a teacher. Each tutor will be in charge of a class and an official record of each student will be maintained. The tutor keeps track of the personal and academic progress of the students. He or she will convene a meeting of the parents to discuss the overall progress of the students. Students are free to meet the tutor at anytime for guidance and help.


Remedial Coaching

The college conducts remedial coaching for the students who need special care and support in academics. Proper guidance and training is provided under the programme to enable the students to come up to the level necessary for pursuing higher studies efficiently. This coaching programme is regularly monitored and the progress of the students is evaluated by the concerned committee in the college. Improving academic skills, raising the level of comprehension of basic subjects and linguistic proficiency of the students are given prior attention.


Scholar Support Programme (SSP)

The Scholar Support Programme (SSP), part of the ‘New Initiatives in Higher Education’, initiated by The Department of Higher Education, Government of Kerala, aims t extending personalized additional support to the weaker section of  students in the subjects included in curriculum through tutorials, additional lectures, study materials, question banks and interactive sessions. The programme was first launched in the year 2014-15 and is still continuing with the same vigour and energy. In addition to special classes by faculty, study materials will be provided to the students selected to the programme. This help will be offered for all semesters of the three year UG programme.


Prof. Dr.Lt. Baiju P Jose (Co-ordinator)
Dr. O.C. Promod
Ms Minu A.
Ms. Neena P.
Dr. Anila K.

Walk With A Scholar (WWS)

WWS programme has been initiated by the Higher Education Council in the college during the academic year 2014-15. The role played by WWS is crucial in empowering students ith knowledge about future prospect, career and personality development. The team embarks on its journey with fifteen mentors and 90 mentees. It has been observed that mentoring provides emotional support which can improve students’ levels of academic achievement and enhances success in life.


Prof. Runcy Wilson

Prof. Sowmya Mary Thomas
Prof. Siji Rachel George
Prof. Rajeena V Rajan
Prof. Shiny Kochummen
Dr. Mini Samuel
Dr. Seraphi John
Dr. O.C. Promod
Prof. Smitha Kochummen
Prof. Sajin Philip
Prof. Reshma Susan George
Dr. Anila K
Ms. Minu A.