Hope, Faith, Charity
Vadakkedathukavu P.O., Adoor, Kerala
Mon-Fri: 9:45 - 4:15

Extension Activities

Inorder to produce a generation with social commitment, the college community is actively engaged in extension services.

Prof. Nisha Mathew (Convenor)
Prof. Sajin Philip
Dr. O.C. Promod

Human Resource Development club

Since its inception, the HR club is actively engaged in the academic, personal and career development of the students. The Club is organizing various personality development training programmes, talk sessions and workshops to equip the students for a career of their choice. It serves as a platform for latest updates of UGC to the faculty members and students.


Prof. Monishalal. M (Convenor)
Prof. Blesson Mathew



Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Students Movement (MGOCSM) is one of the oldest Christian student organisations in India. This student wing of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church helps to deepen the spiritual life of its members and to prepare them to be the responsible citizens in the church and society. With worship, study and service as the main objectives, this unit helps the students to maintain moral values and led a God centered life. This unit meets on every Friday during lunch break. The sessions consist of prayer, Bible reading, devotional songs, classes, speeches, quizzes, personality development programmes, games etc. The college pays special attention in conducting various activities in this sessions to do justice to the motto of this movement.

In Charge:

Prof. Dr. Runcy Wilson (Convenor)


National Cadet Corps (NCC)

The NCC aims at instilling in the students a spirit of discipline and willingness to serve the country. Students can get themselves admitted to the NCC at the beginning of each academic year. The cadets are given regular training in the college and in the camps. Examinations are held and merit certificates are awarded. Winners are eligible for grace marks according to their grade when they apply for admission to higher classes. A sense of unity and discipline is inculcated among the cadets.

Associate NCC Officer

Prof. Lt. Dr. Baiju P Jose


National Service Scheme(NSS)

Since the establishment of the college in 1981, the NSS unit has been functioning very well. The unit inculcates the spirit of voluntary work among students and teachers through sustained community interaction. It is a link between the campus and community, the college and village, knowledge and action. National Service Scheme of St. Cyril’s College, Adoor consists of two units and each unit comprises hundred volunteers. Both the units work together smoothly and all the volunteers actively participate in all the activities provided to them. During the period of two years, each volunteer contribute 240 hours of voluntary service. With the motto “Not Me But You”, the volunteers improve their standard of life by extending their help to the needy persons in society and consider everyone as their brothers and sisters. The volunteers who have completed 240 hours of regular activities and attended a seven-day special camp will be awarded grace marks for admission to higher classes. At the beginning of each academic year an Advisory Committee has been elected including Principal, Panchayath President, Staff representatives, Programme Officers and voluntary secretaries. Activities include legal awareness class, camps, visiting Laksham Veedu colony and orphanages, celebrating important days, donating a house to a poor and conducts various cultural Programmes.

Programme Officers:

Prof. Siji Rachel George
Prof. Shiny Kochummen