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Mon-Fri: 9:45 - 4:15

College Level Monitoring Cell

The committee is entrusted with the responsibility of the overall welfare of the student community of the college. In collaboration with other related committees, it provides the necessary service to the betterment of the students.

Prof. Daisy Mathew (Convenor)
Prof. A. K. Thomas
Prof. Lt. Dr. Baiju P. Jose
Prof. Sajin Philip
Prof. Smitha Kochummen
Prof. Susan Alexander
Dr. Runcy Wilson


Admission Committee

The committee assists the Principal in admission procedure of various courses of study offered by the institution.

Prof. Susan Alexander (Convenor U G)
Prof. Rejeena V Rajan (Convener- PG)


Staff Club

Staff Club serves as a non academic forum of the teaching staff in the institution to foster the fraternity of teachers.

Prof. Anitha Thomas (President)
Prof. Daisy Mathew
Prof. Mariam John
Prof. Lt. Dr Biju P Jose
Prof. Seraphi John
Dr Mini Samuel


Website Cell

The college Website Cell is intended to make the functioning of the college website effective and for regular updation of website.



Sports Committee

The Committee along with the Physical Education Department is engaged in conducting sports and games in the campus. It pays special attention in identifying and nurturing young talents.

Prof. Lt. Dr Baiju P Jose(Convener)
Prof. Sajin Philip
Dr O.C. Promod


Publication Committee

The committee publishes the college handbook which provides information about the activities of the college and gives the list of faculty members and auxiliary staff. It also functions as the editorial board of all common publications made in the college and monitors all the publications made department wise.

In Charge:

Department of English

Examination Cell

It facilitates the smooth conduct of examinations both internal and university examinations.


Prof. Anitha Thomas (Chief Examiner- University Exams)
Prof. Elizabeth George(Convener-Internal Examinations)


College Union 2017-18

Office Bearers

: Stephan D Philip (D2 English)
Vice Chair Person : Fathima S (D2 English)
General Secretary : Anandhu T Nair (D2 Economics)
Councillors : 1. George Jacob (II M.A English), 2. Vivek kumar(D2 History)
Magazine Editor : Jithu Jerome (D1 History)
Arts Club Secretary : Esther Scaria John (D1 Chemistry)
Lady Representatives : 1. Dhanaya Samkutty (D3 Commerce), 2. Elizabeth Scaria John (D1 English)
Sports Secretary : Muhammad Shafi (D3 economics)
Class representatives
Ist Year : Salman S (D1 history)
IInd Year : Joyal A (D2 English)
IIIrd Year : Aswin Gheevarghese (D3 Englis)
P.G representative : Reshma Lukose (II MSc Physics)